Characteristic Theme » 2018 the second Southern China Smart Grid Technology Conference
展会名称: 2018 the second Southern China Smart Grid Technology Conference
展会时间: July 12, 2018-14
展会地点: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

The energy Internet as a deep integration of energy technology and Internet technology and thinking is the specific realization of China's energy technology revolution, providing effective support for the sustainable development of energy and environment and healthy growth of economy. In the future, the construction and development of the power grid is the trend of the construction and development of the global energy Internet.

Smart grid is an important direction of the development of the world power grid. Large scale grid connected new energy needs strong smart grid as a reliable basis, challenge the stability of renewable energy fluctuation of the intermittent uncertainties in power system, through the development of smart grid, the use of advanced automation technology, control technology and energy storage technology can improve the accurate prediction of wind energy and solar energy, including all kinds of energy resources and reasonable control. Smart grid can support large-scale clean energy development, adapt to diverse user needs, achieve self recovery and improve operation economy, and other significant advantages. It lays the foundation for the intelligent development of the global energy Internet. The smart grid with the energy Internet as the background will usher in a new opportunity for historical development.

2018 the second session of the Southern China smart grid technology conference will be on 07 2018 12 -14 June held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the organizers will aggregate government and industry research institutions, business association, terminal users purchase all resources for exhibitors and visitors to create a larger and higher standard, has always been at the forefront of smart grid industry event.

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