Characteristic Theme » 2018 Second South China Storage Power Station Technology Conference
展会名称: 2018 Second South China Storage Power Station Technology Conference
展会时间: July 12, 2018-14
展会地点: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

2018 The 2nd South China Energy Storage and Power Station Technology Conference was organized by Reed Exhibitions and VEN En CES for the planning of grid power companies, energy research institutes, power generation groups, energy storage project owners, energy storage system integrators, battery & inverter manufacturers , Power electronic components manufacturers, investment and consulting agencies Qingli create high-profile industry event. The conference will be held on July 12, 2018 in Shenzhen. Expected participants will be more than 500 people.

The congress will focus on "based on technological innovation, promote energy revolution" to carry out rich and varied theme speech, round table discussions, awards ceremony, dinner interaction, business meetings docking and other activities. In-depth discussion of energy storage industry policy and market mechanism, energy storage technology innovation, distributed energy and micro grid, renewable energy grid, energy Internet, smart grid industry hot topic. It is committed to promoting the healthy and rapid development of energy storage industry and setting up an international exchange platform to help participants understand the industry trends and move towards a broader future through cooperation and exchange with the industry elites.

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