Exhibition Promotion

· working with nearly 100 industry websites, newspapers and magazines, TV and other media to effectively publicize the expo;

, with dozens of countries and regions of trade promotion association, chamber of commerce, consulates and other establishment cooperation, the exhibition promotion, promote and coordinate overseas exhibitors and professional audience group;

By participating in the annual meetings, BBS, and technical exchanges organized by the industry authorities, and improving the publicity and influence of the exhibition;

, through the exposition site, WeChat, weibo online and offline activities, such as printed brochures, tickets, and exhibition, and through the mail and participate in related industry exhibition site issue methods such as comprehensive promotion;

For buyers, continue to promote, through the exhibition invitation, related websites, as designated by the buyer, to the old customer management buyers continued non-periodically send the latest information, to encourage the old buyers recommend to their friends and peers as a professional reputation;

Assist the exhibitors invited new buyers: to provide exhibitors exhibition information, in a unified form of exhibition promotion and buyers invitation, encourage exhibitors themselves buyers information provided to the organizers.

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