Why participation
The authority of the organizational unit, a total of the event:
This exhibition has been the domestic PV-related units of the careful guidance by the China Trade Promotion Committee, the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee to support the guidance; Shenzhen Solar Energy Society, Shenzhen New Energy Industry Association. Many solar photovoltaic authority of the unit's guidance and support, so that the professional and influence of the exhibition can be guaranteed.

National Energy Board released solar energy development "thirteen five" planning PV industry market is huge:
To promote the sustainable and healthy development of solar energy industry, accelerate the diversification of solar energy applications, and promote the construction of clean low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system, the National Energy Board issued a "solar energy development" thirteen "plan. By the end of 2020, solar power installed capacity of 110 million kilowatts or more, of which, photovoltaic power generation installed capacity of more than 105 million kilowatts in the "second five" on the basis of a stable annual development scale; solar thermal power installed capacity of 5 million kilowatts. Solar thermal utilization area of 800 million square meters. By 2020, the annual utilization of solar energy to more than 140 million tons of standard coal.

Shenzhen geographical advantages, build authority, the internationalization of solar photovoltaic trade platform:
Shenzhen is the center of China's economic center, the economy has long been ranked fourth in the mainland of China, China is one of the best economic efficiency of the city, the British "Economist" 2012 "the world's most economically competitive city" list Single, Shenzhen ranked second.
Shenzhen is located in the forefront of the Pearl River Delta, is the link between Hong Kong and mainland China and the bridge, is an important transport hub in southern China, China's high-tech industries, financial services, foreign trade, marine transport, creative culture and other occupies an important position. Shenzhen in China's institutional innovation, opening up and other aspects of the test and demonstration of the important mission.

Exhibitors, visit subsidies unprecedented:
Expo to the solar photovoltaic industry association member units to give concessions, and in the exhibition official website, "exhibition newsletter" and other promotional channels to provide value-added services, the needs of VIP buyers and the development of personalized facilities for professional visitors to provide exhibition venue shuttle bus The.

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