Exhibition Range

Scope of Exhibits

Photovoltaic production equipment 
Siliconsticksiliconingotproductionequipment: full production line,DSS,crucible,and other equipment
Wafer wafer production equipment: a full set of production lines, cutting equipment, cleaning equipment, 

testing equipment, other related equipment

Battery Manufacturing Equipment:Full production line, etching machines, cleaningequipment,

 DiffuseStove, Laminatingequipment, ScreenPrinter, Tester and other related equipment.
Battery plate /parts: full production line, test equipment, glass cleaning equipment, connection 

equipment and welding equipment, Laminating plate and so on.
Thin film panel production equipment: amorphous silicon battery, copper indium gallium diselenide 

battery CIS / CIGS, cadmium tellurium thin film battery CdTe, dye sensitized battery DSSC production 

technology and research equipment
Photovoltaic Cells:
Photovoltaiccellproducer、PV modulemanufacturer、Moduleinstallers

transducer、registeringinstrument、converter、monitor、mountsystem、tracking systems、

Photovoltaic applications: silicon, silicon ingots / silicon blocks, silicon wafers, package glass, 

packaging films, other raw materials
Photovoltaic engineering and systems: solar system integration, solar air conditioning system, 

rural photovoltaic power generation system, solar energy detection and control system, 

solar heating system engineering, solar photovoltaic engineering program solar air 

conditioning system control and engineering management and software development system

Solar pv applications:Solar street lamps、Lawn lamp、Garden light、Beacon light、

Agricultural insecticidal lamp、The charger、signal lamp、Traffic warning lights,

Solar information display、Power supply system、Mobile charger、

Water pump solar household goods and other solar products.

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