Exhibition Process

1.Exhibitors should obtain "Floor Plan" and "Application Form for Exhibitors" from Organizing Committee. Please carefully fill in the "booth number, region, business information." The responsible person will sign and affix the official seal of the Organizing Committee will be adopted in the Organizing Committee passed the product review, issued a "Confirmation of Participation";

2. After receiving the Confirmation of Exhibitors, exhibitors should deliver 50% or all of the participation fee to the designated account of the Organizing Committee within 3 working days and the balance should be paid before June 1, 2018. Exhibitors remittance, please fax the remittance documents to the organizing committee to verify. After receiving the full payment, the Organizing Committee will send the invoice to the exhibitor.

3. Booth allocation principle "first application, first payment, first arrangement." Organizing CommitteeWill receive the full cost of exhibitors, will be one month prior to the "Exhibitor Manual" by mail or electronicVersion of the exhibitors to guide enterprises preparing for the exhibition;

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