Audience Category

Promotion plan:

1. It is very import to invite the provincial development and reform commission (NDRC), the scientific research, association, energy policy makers, agriculture, transportation, customs, frontier defense, military application, maritime affairs, national defense, communication, aerospace, municipal engineering, photovoltaic products manufacturers, sales agents, traders, venture capitalists, photovoltaic engineering, energy engineering, electric power planning institute (the) (station), power plant, electric power, electric power engineering company, mechanical and electrical installation company, jianke institute, city construction planning and design institute (the), real estate developers, architectural design consulting company, industry experts, research institutions, insurance, hospital, hotel, design institute, property management, agents, collective business system, solar photovoltaic products application agency and solar energy, new energy industry base training institutions, service companies, the media, individual users and other related professionals;Industry associations, Chambers of commerce and society;Industry in areas such as management policy makers, purchaser, researchers and technicians to visit, communication, negotiation, purchasing, which is based on industry, through the domestic and international professional association, expand more publicity channels, more professional buyers come to visit.


2. Send The printed invitation CARDS, visit tickets 300000 pieces by the host/organizer directly to the professional customers, send the exhibitors exhibition invitations, tickets, etc., assist the exhibitors to invite their customers to visit;

3.Organize project promotion symposium, high-level talent exchange, hot issues seminars, policy advice and information conferences, symposium, multi-level and rich content of trade activities, invite senior experts, scholars, professionals such as well-known enterprises, attending the meeting to discuss about the academic hot issue keynote speeches and discussion about these problems and industrialization, in response to the exhibition display echo, to form the most direct, the most effective comprehensive trade, technology and information communication, make this exhibition become a Chinese brand in the field of solar pv event.

Target Audience:

State grid and southern power grid and the provincial power grid companies and their purchasing department will come to visit.this exhibition will become the purchasing platform of Southern power grid, Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, Guodian.

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