About Shenzhen

Shenzhen's geographical advantages, the establishment of an authoritative, international solar pv trade platform:

Shenzhen, short for "deep", is called pengcheng, guangdong province, provincial-level city, provincial capital city, national area central city, mega city. Located in the southern guangdong, the east bank of the pearl river delta and Hong Kong late-inning comeback, daya bay in the east and the mirs bay, west also and LingDingYang, south across the river in shenzhen and Hong Kong are linked together, the northern border with dongguan, huizhou.

Shenzhen is a national economic center and an international city located by the state council, with Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou as "wide and deep". The whole city has jurisdiction over futian district, longgang district, luohu district, baoan district, nanshan district, yantian district, longhua district, and pingshan district 8 districts, with a total area of 1996.85 square kilometers.

Shenzhen is China's reform and opening up to build the first special economic zone, is the window of China's reform and opening up, has developed into a certain influence of internationalized city, created a remarkable "shenzhen speed", at the same time enjoy the "design it all", the city of "piano", "a guest city" reputation. The shenzhen municipal boundary has the largest entry and exit ports in China. Shenzhen is also an important border port city, and the huanggang port has a 24-hour customs clearance.

Shenzhen, shenzhen has always is a land of immigrants, who has always been, the migration of people from the shenzhen local hakka culture important carrier of shenzhen top ten hakka ancient village to shenzhen today people from all over the world to shenzhen inclusive city slogan "here is the shenzhen people" all show the colour of the shenzhen immigrant culture since the ancient times.

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