Pavilion Introduction

Greater China international trading plaza

Located in the center of shenzhen, the central area is 310,000 square meters. The project itself is equipped with 2000 square meters of helipads, building green square of 17000 square meters, 20000 square meters of underground shopping center, and the banquet hall to accommodate more than 1000 people dining.

Great China international exchange square was founded in July 1996, is the earliest development of CBD in shenzhen, with the central planning, construction and development of prosperity, is the great China international group to build China CBD the ambition of "Rolls-Royce", through the ten years work meticulously, was awarded the "China office king" award.

Great China international exchange square is located in shenzhen CBD central axis core, shennan avenue south, the gold entrance and fortune China road interchange, metro line 1 and line 4 out of print area of the junction of the only. The total construction area of 330000 square meters, is the collection of super grade a office buildings, large commercial centre, platinum five-star sheraton hotel, large parking apron, exhibition expo pavilion, international apartment, the international first-class level of urban building complex. Is one of the largest business district in shenzhen at present dimension synthesis, the building and on the other side of the shenzhen municipal government directly, high-grade writing around buildings, civic center, exhibition center, the business center, five-star hotels and financial industry area surrounded by the stars, become Asia's largest financial center, ding column top business world. In addition, there are 10,000 square meters of air garden and 2, 000 square meters in the square, and more than 1, 000 square meters in the banquet hall, and 85,000 square meters of high-end commercial space.

Greater China international exhibition center is the world's first use of Britain's exclusive design cars pure black microlite glass curtain wall construction, Asia the first big span 42.5 meters without column hall (5000 - square - metre); The largest single building in the country.

The strong business support system and the international well-known property management brand, savills, serve as the housekeeper and provide a humane and honorable care service.

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