Media Report

Dear media friend:

Thank you very much for your attention to CSEPV2018 China (Shenzhen) International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition!

If you miss the signing time of the cooperative media, we will bring your ID card and press card (or two business cards or editorial business card or letter of introduction) in your company during the 12-14th, July, <ID card + press card or business card two or unit introduction letter> to the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center platform for media service desk application.

Cooperative media card description: 1. This type of document does not accept public applications, only to the media signed a written cooperation agreement and in strict accordance with the media signed a written agreement to the number;

2. This document is used for real name and may not be lent or sold in any form. Once discovered, the next day activation rights will be canceled.

3. This certificate contains the media name, user photos, user name, in addition to the first use, the daily use of this document, the scene must go to the media desk to activate the day permission;

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